Pet First Aid & CPR Certification and Disaster Preparedness

Our Pet First Aid & CPR Certification Course is designed for:

  • Cat and dog owners
  • Pet care and training professionals
  • Kennel workers and owners
  • Emergency personnel and first responders
  • Pet shelter workers and volunteers
  • Human first aid instructors, and
  • Anyone who loves pets

Our high-quality classes are informative, comprehensive AND fun!

You’ll be training with certified, FEMA-trained Pet First Aid Instructors. We will teach you the necessary skills to provide emergency care to pets or animals under your care.

Emphasis is on preventing illness and injury, but also on giving triage care so that the pet can be stabilized and transported to an emergency veterinarian. This course also includes the Minnesota Emergency & Disaster Preparedness module.

Dog 1st Aid & CPR Class


Our pet first aid curriculum was developed by Pets America and the Emergency Care and Safety Institute (ECSI), and is based on input from than 400 veterinarians from the International Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society and the Texas Veterinary Medical Association.

Certifying Pet Owners & Animal Care Professionals Since 2007

Midwest Pet First Aid provided pet first aid certification in Austin, Texas as Austin Pet First Aid for nine years and is now based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The 6-hour training course includes in-person instruction, an intensive hands-on demonstration and skills session, and an open book/note certification test at the end of class.

This full certification class includes a pet first aid handbook and disaster preparedness guide, a take-home folder of the curriculum presented in class, and each participant will receive a certificate of course completion good for 2 years.

Important topics covered in our pet first aid course include:

  • Immediate steps to take in an emergency with your dog or cat
  • What to include in your Pet First Aid kit
  • Recognizing normal to abnormal vital signs
  • How to safely approach an injured animal
  • How to complete a “Bark to Booty” health assessment
  • Restraining, muzzling & transporting an injured animal
  • Choking management
  • Epileptic and diabetic emergencies
  • Fractures, bleeding & shock management
  • Common injuries including: bones, ears, eyes, burns, poisoning
  • Snake bites, snake identification, and insect stings
  • Heatstroke, frostbite, hypothermia
  • Preventing dog/dog and dog/human conflicts
  • Personal safety during a pet emergency
  • Strong emphasis on methods of preventing illness and injury
  • Pet travel and outdoor adventure planning
  • Feline CPR and rescue breathing
  • and much more!

Direct, Hands-On Work Includes:

  • Canine CPR demonstration
  • Feline CPR review
  • Rescue breathing, artificial respiration demonstration
  • Hands-on practice is performed by each student on a CPR dummy dog, with working airway and lungs, femoral pulse
  • Each student will practice muzzling a dog on a plush animal dummy

You’ll learn how to perform the “Bark to Booty” Wellness Assessment. This is a systematic and deliberate method for evaluating and determining what’s normal for your pet by performing regular handling and examination from nose to tail. If done often enough, this simple procedure can help spot irregularities in their early stages.

You’ll also receive an extensive, user-friendly Pet First Aid & Disaster Response Guide, complete with illustrations.


The best thing you can do during an emergency is to stay calm, and learning emergency skills ahead of time may very well enable you to do just that. This course will teach you a variety of skills that can be used to stabilize a pet during an emergency.

You will learn ACT with skill and confidence to help give your pet the best chance of survival, rather than REACTING out of panic and fear, which can lead to impulsive, dangerous decisions.

You will be tested on these skills both in writing and hands-on evaluations, ensuring that you leave the class with a solid foundation of pet first aid skills, making you an asset to your home, family, clients, and community!

Certification Cost

The fee for our Pet First Aid & CPR Certification Course is an affordable $95 per person. We are now taking enrollment for Spring 2017 courses–there are only 10 seats available per course, so register now!

Why Choose Midwest Pet First Aid?

• Our certification course is applicable to both dog AND cat owners (unlike other pet first aid providers that only offer cat OR dog first aid)

• You’ll receive an extensive, user-friendly Pet First Aid & Disaster Response Guide, complete with illustrations

• You’ll also receive an ECSI Course Completion Card, good for 2 years

• You may use our certification logo on your website or print materials to confirm you have completed our program

• Our hands-on portion of the class includes state of the art, sanitary canine CPR manikins to practice rescue breathing and CPR with, and other simulated animals for practice in restraining your pets.

• You will be able to demonstrate in-class competency in pet CPR prior to course completion

We're ECSI Certified!